Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stampin' Up! Blender Pen - Fix Missing Spots in your stamped images

Welcome to Tuesday' Tips and Techniques. Today I will share with you how to fix those less than perfect stamped images. You know the ones where the ink has just missed a small portion and have ended up with less than perfect coverage on your card stock. So here is the simple way to use a Stampin' Up! Blender Pen to "fill in" the gaps without having to start over.

1. Put a little of the ink colour you have used with your less than perfect stamped image onto a plastic sheet or the lid of your stamp pad. You can do this by pressing down on the pad  firmly.
2. Pick up some of the colour on your blender pen
3. Then apply this colour to the portion of the image that is less then perfect  blending it and"filling in" the gaps. Wallah one fixed image.

More Tips
* For better ink coverage with stamps,  turn the stamp so it is rubber side up and add ink with the pad   facing down.  I keep patting ink on the rubber stamp until I can see that it is evenly covered.

* I have tried to use a marker to touch-up less than perfect images.  The markers can leave a dark, noticeable spot where you have corrected.  The Blender Pen Tip is a is just that, blended and you can control how much ink goes on. Hope you enjoyed today's tips and techniques.

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