Saturday, 31 August 2013


Don't you just love getting your hands on a new catalogue. I know I do. When I get mine I sit down with it and whip through to see all the lovely things. This is the first ohh and ahh look. Then comes the wishlist look. Armed with a cup of tea and pack of post it notes I sit down and 'tag' all the things I want. Generally my catalogue ends up looking like a post-it note exploded around the outside of it. Then come the culling process, as I just cant have everything - as much as I would like to my budget doesn't allow it. However there is a way to get more of the product you love for less and that is by participating in my monthly shares which are listed each month in my newletter. If you don't receive this already subscribe to it today. If you want to know what this months shares are just send me an email and I will reply with all the information.

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