Thursday, 19 May 2016

Seriously Awesome .... Legoland Hotel - Day 1

Day 2 of our travelling adventures landed us at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Malaysia. We pulled up and Mr 7 first comment is .....BOOM YA... this is sweet. It is a truly awesome sight.
This is the front foyer, complete with Lego motes for building your own creations
We get to our from - which is Adventure themed .
 There is a Treasure Hunt waiting for
Mr 7. I mean is there anything cooler than this when you are a 7 year old boy. The hunt leads to a safe which he then opens with the secret code he has had to work out. Of course the treasure is Lego.

Before we went to our room we had some lunch at the Bricks Family Restaurant.
Everything .....and I mean everything is made from Lego. Like the Waitresses Badge.

The d├ęcor

even the photo frames

and exit signs are made from Lego.
Next up for us is the actual LEGOLAND Theme Park and Waterpark.
Hugs Karlie xxx

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