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The team name Karlie's Angels came about as I would constantly message my team in the morning with - Good morning team- one replied back - Good morning Karlie or should I say Charlie and we can be your angels. Karlie's Angels! New name? The name stuck and our team became Karlies Angels.

 You will love being an Angel!

1.   The starter kits it awesome as you choose it. For $169 you choose $285 product.
         Plus you also get free $80 worth of business supplies.  

2.   FUN, FUN & more FUN. Did I say fun, yes I did. Active social media groups, local team crafting nights, free tutorials and product demonstrations. 

3.   Stampin Up is for everyone from the hobbyist just wanting to get your craft a little cheaper, to those of us wanting to pay for a family holiday or even as your main income, the choice is yours. 

4.   We are friends and have social crafting get togethers 

5.   No lock in contracts, no ABN required. 

  If you’d like more about becoming an Angel and joining my team please phone 0438 368 449 or Email Me today.
Ready to join, click here to join today.

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